1st Week

So I finished my first week of my TEFL course and it went pretty well. The Saturday before I was allowed to officially long into, I decided to order a PDF version of our required textbook rather than other a paper copy. This way I can eventually print it out myself, either slowly as I... Continue Reading →

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Begin Learning Again

So it's official. I'm enrolled in taking an online course to get my

It’s been so long…

It's been quite a while and so much has happened since last I wrote here. A lot of life ups and downs especially the last year. I don't know quite where to start this life update. Let's see... I guess we should just do a quick update. Simple. My sister had her baby girl, Sienna,... Continue Reading →

Big Question

The big question is whether you are going to be able to say a hearty yes to your adventure. - Joseph Campbell

Packing For Portland

I’ve been wanting to do this for a while now, but had been holding out on getting a new camera. But budget-wise, I just couldn’t justify getting one just yet. So I’ve decided while I work on saving money for all future major purchases (like a new car and digital camera), I’m going to at... Continue Reading →

Traveling: What’s in My Makeup bag

This upcoming weekend I heading down south to Portland, Oregon to visit my sister, brother-in-law and my niece! It's going to be a short, but exciting weekend seeing them as it has been since last Christmas when I saw them last. As I have always done the last couple of years, I'm taking the train... Continue Reading →

The Basics of a Home Gym

When I lived on the island, all I had to workout with was a treadmill. But after a couple of months of just using that and random DVD my mother had lying around, I discovered some online videos using weights. Being so new to using weight again (I used them back in high school, but... Continue Reading →

Full-Body Circuit

My new gym is really great! I love that I am to use all the equipment they have to offer and everyone is polite. One of my favorite full body workouts I got from watching an old Nikki Blackketter video. I think it’s an older one… or one that was made early this year. I... Continue Reading →

Simple Meal Prep on Sundays

Sundays are my meal prep and cleaning day. I typically wake up still pretty early, around 5:30ish. Though I spend a good hour or two reading before I start really getting hungry and make myself some breakfast. Right afterward I head over to Safeway and Fred Meyers to do a bit of grocery shopping. Since... Continue Reading →

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