Beats keeps me working

Usually I work without headphones….but there are some days, like the last two, that require me to hunker down in my corner to work. Or in my case, work and completely ignore my co-workers, ’cause one is pushing limits they shouldn’t (Okay, I’m done). I have quite a bit of Asian pop music…Okay, I have a good collection of J-Pop and K-Pop. So my music tends to be a weird mix, and my current playlist is just that:

1. Don’t Upset the Rhythm (Go, Baby, Go) by the Noisettes

2. Don’t You Remember by Adele

3. Dr. by Namie Amuro

4. Black Sheep (From “Scott Pilgram vs. The World”) by The Evil Exes

5. Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F) by Katy Perry

6. Dui Ngoh Yau Gam Gok (Have Feelings For Me) by Hotcha (C-Pop)

7. Eat You Up by BoA

8. Eet by Regina Spektor

9. Eternity by Imelda May

10. Fast as You Can by Tori Amos


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