Holiday Shopping

So shopping this last weekend was nice. I decided to foe-go heading into Seattle and stuck to the Alderwood Mall up north. I really only had to get two more gifts and I figure I could spend the rest of my day shopping and checking things out. Well, I should have known from the major line of traffic that even early in the morning on a Saturday, near the holidays, that the mall would be pack! It was a good thing that while I waited for the ferry and during the crossing I made a short list of the stores I wanted to visit and the things I need to get from them. Sephora: Makeup Kit gift for mom; Forever21: sweater/jacket for party dress (which I didn’t find any I luv); Victoria’s Secret: need to use discount card; and etc. I also organized my purse so that all the coupons and discounts I had collected were in easy access near the front. Normally I just go wandering about, but you know the holidays.

While trying to get to the mall was hard (it took almost 20 minutes to drive up 5 blocks), parking this time around not so much. I found parking within 5 minutes which is quite lucky, but then again, I wasn’t really picky about how far it is from an entrance. As I see it, it may be a bit of a walk (especially with several bags in both hands), but its additional exercise after noshing on large cinnamon-buns and downing cups of peppermint mocha.

As a former cashier and mall-worker, I completely understand the horrors of working during this hectic time of year. The hours of standing, running around searching for products, your cheeks hurting from the constant smiles you must have to have while serving your customers even though you are extremely tired and mentally drained. So whenever I’m shopping, I try to make it completely easy for the cashier or clerk to work. I smile back them, have friendly small conversation, and I always, always thank them. Nothing makes a person whose been working long and hard super happy than a nice and sincere “Thank You.” I even tell the very indifferent cashiers at my local Wally ‘Thanks’ with a smile. And I always get one back.


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