Lucky Little Black Bag

Yesterday, I finally got my “Little Black Bag” purchase. Little Black Bag is a new membership e-tailer that offers up to 70% off on accessories from about 80 designer brands at $49.95 per month. It is different from other e-flash sales websites with it’s twist on the grab bag concept and is loosely based on fukubukuro, or “lucky bag sale” – a Japanese New Year’s Day tradition. Similar to Black Friday, on New Year’s Day, shoppers buy a mystery bag of fashion products and trade the items they don’t want with friends. And much like StyleMint & JewelMint, you can choose to skip a month before the 5th day.

It took me a while to choose which one I wanted, but I choose the Betsy Johnson Rounded Square Frames Sunglasses. Mainly because I thought they were perfect as a gift for my little sister. She’s gonna to love those.

So after choosing and ‘purchasing’ my order, they revealed the other two ‘mystery items’ in my order: Textured Ring from Carol Dauplaise and Birch Small earring by Gorjana in gold. Since I didn’t care for the earring, I traded it for the Celica Wallet by Nica. Basically there are other buyers who want to trade an item for an item that you have. Once you approve of your set of items, then you can have it finalized and shipped.

I really like this site. I’ve already check the site to see what’s new. They are always putting something new up, which why it took me a while to choose what I wanted to to be as my chosen one. There’s a couple of new bags I’m considering, but I better make it fast, before they sell out. The usually only have about 10 or less of one certain item (especially the bags!).


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