May Black Bag Goods

I finally got my latest Black Bag purchase. I actually spend a whole week trading items with other Black Bag shoppers. It took a really long time for me to be satisfied enough with what was in my bag this time!

The one thing I definitely didn’t want to give up was the Nila Anthony Mesh Satchel. When I saw it, I knew it would make an awesome gym bag. I know, GYM BAG! But it’s sleek and stylish, compared to my carry-on that I was originally using.

So the Micheal Marcus Fuchisa Have This Good a Time was a lot more pink than what was shown online. Kind of disappointing, since I was really wanted the purple color.

I’ve started a massive collection of ZAD jewelry. Now add on these two: ZAD Zig-Zag Printed Cuff and ZAD Hammered Collar. I really like the collar and it was a big hit at the bridal shower along with the new asymmetrical dress I brought this weekend. (Will take pictures of that soon, I hope. I’m really bad at finding time to take pictures)

The final item I got is the Case-Mate Waddler Case for the iPhone.  Like I really need any more iPhone cases, but this is so cute. However I kept trading it for other cases like the mummy or the vampire one. But somehow the waddler kept coming back. Had to keep it!

This is going to be my last black bag for a while, since I really need to set aside money for (1) my Hawaii Trip in August/September (I’ve already brought my plane tickets and BFF is super, duper excited); (2) my friend, Amy’s Wedding in July (still need to purchase wedding gift and book hotel); and finally (3) purchase my RUN FOR YOU LIVES 5k Obstacle course run in August. My summer weekends are getting book left and right!


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