Must Haves

Every since I’ve gotten back from my vacation, work has been busy more than usually. Then again it is the start of the holiday season and shops are starting to really advertise to get people shopping! Who knows?! But I finally got the August POPSUGAR Must Have this past weekend since no one picked up the mail while I was away. SIGH.

I’m super excited about these. I’ve already used the Postagram Prints to send E pictures from our vacation! Super easy and I’ve already planning to use the rest of the credits for some pictures I still have on my phone of other friends & family! I haven’t use the Pop Physique Original Butt DVD but really excited to try it. Maybe tomorrow morning, if I wake up early enough!

I plan on using the shatterproof wineglasses for my 5K Color Run/Camping Trip to Portland with Holly! Yup, that’s how we roll.

When I saw the food, I thought, awww, I can’t have them. Damn the need to be Gluten-Free. So I gave them to Mom & Dad. 😦

This has got to be my favorite product: Alora Diffuser! My room smell divine since I’ve opened it and once it’s done, I may have to order a new one. LOVE, LOVE THIS! I highly recommend it! I got Verde which is “Clean, with fresh green notes, melon, tonka bean and jasmine.” I just might have to try Uno and Isola when I order them! Ohhhh, I bet these would be great Christmas gifts for the girls!


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