New Year, New Me


New year usually means new year resolutions. The last couple of years, my resolution has been the same: to reach my ideal weight of 130lbs. Which I am happy to say that late-mid last year (around August) I finally made my goal. So this year, I have decided to make some new goals…

improve body
1. To continue maintaining my weight but increase my muscle mass. I was taking pure matters Be Lean, but I decided to order their CLA-800mg to help “reduce body fat and improve body composition.” My aim: abs like Gwen Stefani.

2. To go through the process of purchasing a new car. My Sephia, which I’ve had since high school, is getting really old. Not really sure what kind of car I think I’m going to get, but it’s definitely going to be newer. Within the last two years or so, and definitely not a truck.

3. Run a Half-Marathon. I’m thinking See Run Jane in July! I put in my name for the Nike Half in DC, but didn’t get chosen. So this was the next one I wanted to run in. And I don’t have to have my name drawn in it!

…and a whole list of other things like saving money for vacation & shopping (might not happen with the whole buying car thing), cutting back on sugar intake (that’s so going to be a struggle to hold back from holiday chocolates), and starting up an online graphic design business (more on that once I get my head around what I need to do.)

ahh, new year, new you. What are your new year resolutions?


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