Birthday Weekend


So birthday weekend was good. Nothing too exciting since my parents really never want to do anything grand for our birthdays. Since I knew they weren’t going to make it special or at least something that I would enjoy, I planned out a great day of playing with the mutt, having Asian buffet with friends and then a hike up near the fort!

As expected, all my parents gave me was a birthday card and money. My sister who came up with her finance and the future-in-laws gave me some new nail polish kit and a gift card to Sports Authority. Yay! More workout gear…. I’m thinking of using it to finally purchase those Yur-Buds I’ve been seeing around lately!


But before that I woke up to quite a surprise…


Yeah, two days after spring officially started we had snow. And it piled up quite a bit. We got over an inch at our house! However, it only hit the central and south part of the island. North didn’t even blink. So me and the mutt played in the snow. He destroyed my mini snowman army.

Afterward I headed up to OH for lunch with my girl, Angie! No where super special, just Jumbo Buffet. An Asian-American buffet joint on the island. But it’s fun to go to and eat tons of “Americanized” Asian foods. Yum!! No cake, but vanilla frozen yogurt topped with pineapple. LUV!!


After that wonderful (and probably high calorie) meal, I took a hike on “Kettle’s Trail.” By then all the snow had mostly melted away. Part of it, well the paved part that runs along the highway, is part of my running route, but it goes further into the park. Since its been so long since I’ve wander through the woods there, I decided it was a great way to get a workout in! I made it all the way to the end of Kettle Trail, but as you can see by the map, there is more. Maybe I’ll get Holly to go with me next time she come down to visit.



It was a good day, just like I wanted!


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