New Space


Monday was busy for me… well kind of. We finally were able to move in our new office space. I didn’t post a lot of the old place, but let’s just say. 5 businesses, three-weird live-ins, a lot of pot smoking during business hours, and only one bathroom for all. Never a good mix. Never.

So after several weeks or months, we’ve finally move into a nicer, cleaner, brighter space. With TWO BATHROOMS!! and a kitchen area. The furniture move was made on Saturday, and yes, I came in on a weekend to move. I just didn’t want them messing with my stuff! Monday was spent moving the computers. But it got totally delayed ’cause one of the IT guys got: 1) got pulled over by a cop ~got off with a warning~, and 2) missed his schedule ferry, so had to reserve another later one. LOL. I spent a lot of time waiting in the old office while the other IT guy drove back and forth moving all the equipment.

Totally spoiled compared to the last space. Also, as you can see in the picture above, we’re not cramped. A lot of space!!


Here’s my area. I still need a couple more holders, a small desk for my color printer, and a bit more color, but it’s great! And I don’t have the printer right behind me. The sales team doesn’t have to constantly be walking behind me to get their print-outs. Let me tell you, it gets really annoying after the first day.


I’m going to try to find an appropriate art/photos for my cork-board to cover up the aged looked it has. I should have taken another photo of my desk area, but well, didn’t. Much  more spacious than the little thing they cornered me in at the old space. So I’m happy, the sales team is happy, and I think the clients will be also, now that we have space for them to park! Woot!!


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