Taking a mini break…


 photo credit: Βethan via photopin cc

So, for the last couple of weeks, I’ve been sort of sporadic about posting. Mainly due to the tourist publication we finally finished yesterday! Even with my boss OCD about every little thing. Seriously…

…it was really bad. Not bad design, just nick-picking about every little thing. Going as so far as to let everyone know that there was a spelling error that no one caught. Yeah, serious problems with that one.

So like always, I get a bit stressed when it comes to deadlines like this and there is only two ways I like to relax: running and shopping. Though I don’t think it is a good idea to do both at the same time, especially on a treadmill. And since I was stuck on the island, I didn’t do much shopping. So I’m going to take the rest of the as a break week (other than this post) from posting, and, hopefully, start fresh on Monday. Especially since I have tons of plans and events going on this weekend! Til next week!


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