Ahhh, it’s so nice to come back from a great weekend. And the start of the week isn’t looking to bad, well weather-wise it isn’t. Work-wise,  trying not to let it get to me. Saturday was spend running around in Seattle, literally. Well, just the morning that was!


My girl, Holly and I participated in the annual fiesta 5k ole! It was so much fun!! And woo, was it warm down it there. It reached a high of 80 with no clouds in the sky! LUV IT!!



I ran timed and made a new PR. 5k in 28.03 (?) minutes with an average pace of 9:03/m. And to boot, number #19 out of 130 in my age group. One thing I forgot was the freaking hills in this city. Driving them, not so bad. Running them, ah-hell.

Like my ‘stashe? Best t-shirt gotten from a run so far.



So afterward, was the great Taco Challenge, I think. Wasn’t really paying attention due to the mass collection of food trucks and all their goodies. We split some really good tacos and a Tokyo Dog while tanning in the warm sun. Well, I tanned. Holly burned. 😀 LOL


We didn’t stay long after eating, getting our free drinks and checking out the park. There was a concert for all participants and paid guest but we wanted to hit up the mall and do some other stuff before heading back up. Wish I lived closer to Seattle again. I miss that city!

Photo6 Photo8


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