Collar Me This

photo credit: Roxanne Milward via photopin cc

My lastest fashion obession: collared shirts. Seems strange to to me since when I worked at a grocery store in east King County, I recall really disliking wearing them as part of our uniform. Well, white collared shirts. Now, I’ve collected quite a few and have been finding new ways to wear them

Right now I’m on the hunt for the right studded collar top. I saw this one picture on Pinerst of a gal wearing on with studs on both the collar and sleeves. I’m hoping that I saved that to my board.


Studded Chiffon Collar ShirtForever 21 – $22.80


Nollie Bullet Studded Collar ShirtPac Sun – $31.99

However the search is a bit hard to find one that has both. I’m highly considering doing it myself, but ordering some studs from  Though I still love some of the ones I am finding!

100135219-2TStud Collar Shirt – Miss Iny – $98.00


Nailhead Collar Blouse– Eight Sixty – $44.99

…or I can order some I found on Ebay. Then again, last time I went on there, I kind of went overboard with my purchases…


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