Fragrance Lake


Hope everyone had a great long weekend. I spent it up in Mt. Vernon at my girl, Holly’s place. Nice long weekend away from the parental-unit is always nice. It was also the same weekend for Ski-to-Sea in Bellingham. Holly was suppose to do the downhill running leg, but due to developing runner’s knees from our last run, she stepped out.


The weekend started with a 5.5 miles roundtrip, 1000 ft elevation gain hike to Fragrance Lake. It was a great hike that had series of short uphill treks.


It was a great day. It started out a bit cloudy, but by the time we reach the top, the sun was out!


Reaching View Point. It was a great view!


Then back onto the main trail to Fragrance Lake. It was so nice and quiet when we reached it. There was only a couple of people out with their dogs. But then again, we were out there at like 8 am on a Saturday. The rest of the world is usually sleeping.



My legs look super long in this. LUV IT!! Had to put on my gloves despite the sun. Still way too cold up here in the PNW.


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