Bulu Box


So late last month I signed up for another product subscription. This time, a bit different. I saw a post from a friend on Facebook and decided to give Bulu Box a 3-month trial.


I went with the Weight-Loss Box and it came with some great stuff to try. I forgot to take photos of two items that I already ate/drank, but here are the rest!


The Thin Pill: Appetite Suppressant while burning away unwanted calories and fat. $29.95/60 capsules. No sure about these since I try to stay away from so called “diet pills.” So I’ll give them a try and see what difference they make.

Fitixer Amino: Muscle Building Fuel. $35.99/canister. I really want to try this one next! But I’m having a hard time deciding if it’s better for a before workout or after. I think I’ll try it out before my long run this weekend.

NeoCell Beauty Builder: Collagen supplement to promote “radiant skin, thicker hair, strong nails, and slows the effects of age on your skin.” $24.95/150 Tabs. They only have on serving for their sample (three tabs), but even that I felt a different in the skin of my face. The plan is to switch from my biotin supplement to the NeoCell Beauty Builder.

Then the two I ate before taking photos because I was too excited about them!

Fit’N’Crisp by Promax: Healthy Marshmallow Bar. $19.50/12 Bars. Marshmallow Bar are one of the few treats I get at Starbucks, but even then I have to be careful of not scarfing it all down in one sitting. The Fit’N’Crisp was actually quite good. It wasn’t too sweet and had a good crunch that I was craving!

JCORE Zero Lite: “…gluten and caffeine free drink mix is made with patened Teavigo Green Tea. Benefits: Increases metabolism and fat breakdown, supports caridovascular health and increases antioxidant activity.” $39.99/90 Servings. This one was good, also. It didn’t have a strong flavor and I just sort of sipped on it after lunch. It was quite refreshing break from my usual bottle water.

It also included a card fro JCORE Work, a 40-day “Rapid Muscle Response®” training to try for free and a $5 Gym Pact Card. I’ve been thinking of signing up, but since I pretty religious about working out, I can’t seem to find what would motivate me to do so.

Want to try: Visit Bulu Box!


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