Pretty in Punk with Warehouse + Oasis

I love me some punk stylings! When I was younger I used to wear them all the time. Of course the parental-unit wasn’t too trilled with it, but it was my own clothes, I brought with my own money. Can’t complain. Now I just incorporate them into my work clothes even though my office is pretty lax with the way we dress, but can’t go to overboard. Usually just a bracelet or earrings. And occasionally the leather jacket on Fridays.


Pretty in Punk with Warehouse + Oasis

Color by Amber and Jamberry

1. Warehouse Acid Wash Blazer, $89.00 

2. Warehouse Jeans Bodycon Dress, $80.00

3. Oasis Keyhole Wayfarer Sunglasses, $25.00

4. Color By Amber Ice Cuff, $16.95

5. Jamberry Nail Wraps, Gold & Black Argyle, $15.00

6. Oasis Sabrina Studded Leather Sandal, $77.00

7. Oasis PU Perforated Gilet, $74.00

8. Color By Amber Ice Skinnies, $9.95 each 

9. Warehouse Wide Stud Belt, $16.00

10. Jamberry Nail Wraps, White Skulls, $15.00

11. Oasis Banana Heel Studded Shoe, $77.00

12. Warehouse Abstract Print Biker Blouse, $71.00

13. Color By Amber Ice Square Necklace, $21.95

14. Warehouse Studded Wrist Purse, $25.00

15. Oasis Metallic Leather Mini, $130.00

16. Jamberry Nail Wraps, Black Tip & Fishnet, $15.00

17. Oasis Metal Toe Cap Court, $77.00


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