The Long Break


So I took a break. A really long break from blogging from about the day or day after my sister’s wedding until now. I really need to step away from my blog and focus on studying (in the midst of starting to learn a new language) and prepping on my half marathon. While I was at it, other than making some phone calls, listening to my music, and one or two text messages to my sister and E, I took a break from my iPhone also. So much so one friend thought I was mad at her since I didn’t reply. Though to be honest, there was no need to reply.

Now I finally feel like posting again. It was nice taking a break, but lets get back to doing something a little more productive.

My sister’s wedding was great! These are the unofficial photos I took with my phone. I probably would have taken more if I wasn’t the one who was organizing the whole thing and running around getting people where they needed and placing everything other than the food. That was my mother’s deal. I told her I wash my hands of that. I already had tons of stuff on my plate and she need to take charge of the food and buffet.

So the wedding and reception went on without any hiccups (other than my complaining mother who was looking for sympathy…) Lots of food was eaten, all the champagne was drank, along with most of the beer. I think we still have two cans of Coors Light in the fridge. Who’s going to drink that?

Once I get the official photos from Holly (hahahaha), I post a picture of our dresses and stuff! My sister was super cute, but damn those heels.

Finally last week, after my auntie flew back to New Jersey, I returned to my regular morning workout schedule. It’s so much easier to do it in the morning while it’s still very cool. The week and half I had to do train in the afternoon/evening was hard. Way too hot to run without a fan indoors, and way too hot to run outdoors since most of the paths don’t have a lot of shade.

Then the 4th came and I was super lame by not doing much other than running in the morning. But definitely not in the mood to spend any more socializing than I had already the two weeks before.


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