See Jane Run Half-Marathon Weekend

See Jane Run 2013 Bag

I’m still recovering from my first half-marathon! The muscle in my right foot is still very sore, but its getting better to walk again. Tried running this morning and made it through. But man, 13.1 miles is tough. Think I might have to do it again next year.

It was suppose to be a long weekend in Seattle with my girl, Holly, but since I ended up getting a new job (more about that later) last week and putting in my notice, I had to cancel my vacation time. Sad, but to start the new job on time, I had to. So it started Saturday with a nice sunny drive down from Mt. Vernon (BTW, this is where my new job is at!!) Since so many events were going on and they were closing several major sections of highway, it was much easier to bus it downtown than to try find parking!


We picked up our packet at the W Hotel and then proceeded to shop and play tourist! I got myself a new running belt to hold my jelly beans and etc. We also hit up the Seattle Center to check out the Urban Craft Uprising Summer Show and had lunch. Hmmm, my first burger in months and I had to get it with poutine! YUM!!

Afterwards a quick trip north to check in our hotel, before, yup more shopping! Hit up the Alderwood Mall for a quick walk around, then Target. Holly need some new shorts for the run! After a quick stop at the Lynnwood Whole Foods for Dinner, we made it back early to our hotel to eat, watch some tv, and sleep early!

Start Sunday pretty early, and since I had to head home that afternoon, we check out of our hotel. We got to the park pretty early and got some off-street parking! Yay. Holly still recovering from a recent illness decided to play safe and switch to the 5K. The Half was great for a first-timer like me. It wasn’t too hilly with the exception near the middle of the run. Some major hills there, but only for a short while. I think what felt the longest was the last 3 miles…


I think I did great! I knew I was going to running a lot slower than my normal 5k speed, but still 10:16 chip pace! Excellent! Plus I got a really cool medal to add to my collection and champagne glass. And no, I didn’t get any champagne, I didn’t think that was going to still well with my temperamental stomach. Holly kept laughing at me since I just kept eating and downing water right afterwards. Really need to re-fuel my body.

Once, my foot is feeling better, onward to the next run! Which I believe is the Electric Run… 😉


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