Moving & Life Change


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As I mention yesterday, I’m planning on moving. Well, here is why: I GOT A NEW JOB!! Did I mention that already? I can’t remember, and at the moment I’m a little lazy to look at my recent posts, but there it is. NEW JOB!

So I really didn’t talk much about my current position and location, but after 3 years I’ve grown unhappy about several things. The one thing I super unhappy about and was making me quite depress was the lack of a social life. Most of my weeks were spend at work, running, and then home. Where then I would play on my laptop and watch some Hulu or Netflix. Before I moved back home on the island, I did much more activities outside of my apartment, but here on the island… There’s just not much for a gal like me to do, and most of the people I know here are married and have kids. That doesn’t help a single gal like me much.

So, I started looking for a way off the island. I wanted to stay within our parent company, but they lack positions I wanted. But wonderfully, Holly’s company was looking for some new creative artist. I got the email and interview rather quickly. I had to pull my portfolio together literally over night since I didn’t know if I had enough time during the day to finish it before I drove the 45-minutes drive north to Mt. Vernon. But I did, spent a hour in the interview and received the offer the next morning!

large_8716806636photo credit: outdoorPDK via photopin cc

I’m quite excited since I’ve done work for this company before (freelance years ago when they went by another name), and things will be a little different from what I do now. Still designing, just not for newspapers.

Since my new job is about an hour north of my current location, I think its better for me to move out of the parentals’ house (yay!) and into an apartment. I’ve so missed living in my own space and using my own things.

My hope for this change is a more active and productive lifestyle! To see more of my friends, to actually date again (it’s been rough the last three years..), and feel like me again. Instead of this lame person I’ve become.


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