Long Awaited Update


So I’ve haven’t been on for a long time. Almost three weeks, but forgive me. My friend doesn’t have internet at her house (I know, I know. She uses her phone for everything and always renting DVDs), which makes it kind of hard to post updates. I’ll try to do better this week…

…But I make no promises. Currently I’m hanging out at Starbuck in Bellingham after a quick trip up to check out some apartments. I’m finally looking at places and the one that wasn’t really high on my list is actually far better than the one that was. Cross you fingers I find a place soon. I hate to over stay my welcome.

In other news, last weekend was the Color Me Rad 5k, and it was da’Bomb!


Before the coloring!

It was great and we had tons of fun!





Yup. Was a complete mess afterwards. Those color-bombing  volunteers are evil! But not as evil as I was. When Holly crossed the finished line I pour all my color all over her. The one color she didn’t want: orange. Muwahahahahaha!


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