New Digs


So I finally moved into my new place and got internet hooked up! Hopefully posting will resume back to what is was before the big life changes (well, not very big, but you know…)

This is my kitchen! It’s quite a big space, but not a lot of counter space. (Most of the pictures were taken before I moved all my stuff in) The future plan to to purchase a tall dining table to sit at least four, along with a bed & mattress, and couch. Oh, and some bookcases. I’ve only brought the one from home, so currently most of my books are either sitting on the floor in piles or still waiting in boxes in the guest room!


Yup! I’ve got a two bedroom apartment (with two bathrooms… showers only thought) within my price range and close to work and shopping. It’s almost like I’m back in Seattle. Not quite as lively, but still bigger than Whidbey.


My bathroom is pretty much set up for me and most of my clothes are hanging save for a half box. I ran out of hangers, so my next trip to Target… hangers.


My first major purchase is going to be a bed. As you can see the futon in on the floor and while I can set up the futon frame now, still won’t be as comfortable as a bed would be…

Screen Shot 2013-09-03 at 5.55.05 PM

This one:  MALM Bed frame from Ikea and get the mattress from some where local.


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