Back to a regular schedule, I hope…


Sorry for the lack of posts that last couple of months. With moving costs, trying to get back to a regular workout/fitness schedule, and starting a new chapter of my life in a new city/town, posting has fallen a bit behind. But now that things are starting to slowly settle down, I need to and will put time aside to post.

My new job is great. I’m kept very busy will tons of ads to work on and now they have me uploading pages to the web. I rarely have time to do other things but lunch and chat with my co-workers during the day. LUV IT! And I’m getting use to my new neighborhood and city. It’s still a bit hard to meet people my age here, but at least I’m meeting some people at my gym!

I’m so super happy to have a gym, tons of local hiking trails & parks, and other places to visit and get me out of my apartment. Bellingham is not too far, only a half hour north, but I do love taking the long way around via the (LOL) Chuckanut Road. While I have a mall within walking distance, there much to be desired from it. So the next best places are north in the Bellingham and half-hour south in Marysville. Shopping is going to be much easier this holiday season.

It’s been a slow process (meaning lack of funds), but I’m slowly decorating my new home. I finally brought a mattress, no bed quite yet. I think that might be an after Christmas purchase. I’ve actually have a a list of big items I’m gonna need to get:
• Dining Table and Chair
• Shelving Unit for Kitchen
• Bookcases for Living Room
• New Couch
• Shelves for Living Room and Guest Room
• Night Stand
• Lamps for Living Room and Bedroom
• Dresser


Armen Living Andy Butler SofaSafavieh Set of 2 Gourd LampsPendelton 5 Piece Counter Height Dining Set

I definitely want to get nicer stuff than what I have gotten before. It’s time to actually be an adult… well sort of.


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