It’s a new start


I know I haven’t posted a thing for the last couple of months, but I’ve been trying new things, heading out more, and living a life. I hope to re-start posting more. I’ve started doing a lot more than I’m used to!

One: I’m at the gym almost right after work! I spend between 30 to 60 minutes there. Especially now since I’ve gained a bit from the holiday stress and foods!

Two: I’ve finally signed up to take Korean classes. Well, I signed up for the Rosetta Stone online program. They were having a good deal and since I really want to speak and understand Koran more! So far so good, kind of nervous about the speaking session in a week but it’s only based on up to unit one lesson two.

Three: I’m currently trying to save money so I haven’t been spending much on clothes or accessories. It’s killing me, but I know I need to set aside emergency money!

Four: I need to get out more and visit more places! Why? I really would like to start dating again. And have more friends would be great! I’m actually thinking of doing a weekend trip to Canada next month.

Five: get back to posting to my blog. It might be the hardest one to do since I really have to remember to set time aside to write. And find interesting things to write about.

Hopefully I post again soon, especially since his weekend is Holly’s birthday weekend in Seattle! Gonna try to take tons of pictures!


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