Kitchen update

My kitchen is quite large, which on one hand is great. A lot of space to have a nice size dining table for four, able to move around with a few people standing around, and tons of wall space for art and displays.

On the other hand, they could have downsized the kitchen and upscale the bathroom to one large one (Currently there are two tiny shower only) with a decent size bathtub. But that is wishful thinking on my part!

I’ve actually done a little bit in the kitchen! I’ve moved the refrigerator for better placement against the long empty wall, but found some marks where it used to be. So the plan is to paint the kitchen once it warmer again!


I really like how I’ve set up the main part of the kitchen. Most everything I need is in reach from my stove! I would love to have more counter space, so I’ve decided that instead of a regular dining table, I’m going to get a tall bar height table instead. This way I can use it in preparing meals and have a place to sit at!


It’s going to be a slow process, but I’ll eventually have some grown-up furniture! The place right now is still looking a bit like fresh out of college. It takes spittle time and money…


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