Skool Luv Affair


Since they debut last year, BTS (or 방탄소년단, Bangtan Boys, Translation: Bulletproof Boy Scouts), they have been one of my favorite K-Pop groups.  And they recently just came out with a new mini album, Skool Luv Affair.

Their title song, Boy in Luv, is about, well, about a boy in love. The song is impressive with great lyrics. I especially like the lines “geoteuron bad bad girl, Sogeun deo bad bad girl” (translation: “A bad bad girl on the outside,  An even more bad bad girl on the side”)

The video is equally as great as the song. And as expected, the  choreography is on point and flawless.

Luv, luv them! And the girl in the video is super cute also. Which totally inspired me to want to have a school girl inspired outfit. So on my list of clothing I need to buy… a red plaid skirt or dress. And quite possibly a backpack. Oh, and knee-high tights.
Boy in Luv - School Inspiration

Shift dress
$43 –

Moto jacket

MCM top handle bag
$985 –

Top photo credit: Wimena Kane via photopin cc


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