Swords for Arrows Weekend

sfa10So finally after a couple of days I’ve finally recovered from last weekend with E and the Boys! It was more eventful than I was expected and someone should really take my phone away from me when I’m out on the town. Drunk text messages, people, are hilarious.

After finally meeting up with the gang for a brief moment at their hotel (which turns out to be the very same one that Holly and I stay at in January!), E and I headed over to Shelb’s house to finally meet the twins! They are super cute and Shelb and M are so happy to have them! Though, once you see them, one does notice that they are larger then most babies their age. Apparently they are in the 90 percentage…


Afterwards we met up with The Boys (Charlie (E’s Husband), Gret & Steph) at Finn MacCool’s in the U-District. And that when things went pretty much downhill and my memory is a bit fuzzy of the events!

sfa02Why, well… E and I didn’t have lunch. So to try and compensate that, we ate tater-tots at the bar. Four drinks, two duck-bill shots and street dancing and singing later, you can say that we were all pretty hammered.

And we still were waiting for our other friend to finally show up so that we can have dinner. E and I both were extremely excited since it has been many months since either one of us had Indian food!


sfa07This places was and still is our favorite Indian Restaurant in Seattle. We’ve been coming to Cedars since freshman year of college. My favorites: the Buttered Chicken and their naan! And to our sadness, they finally started delivering. Aahhhh! All those time we spend outside in the freezing cold waiting for a table and now they start delivering.


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