Burgers and Coffee


E’s weekend visit was also one that was spent drinking a lot of coffee and eating Dick’s burgers. Coffee, because that’s what you do when you are in Seattle and Dick’s, because it right across the street from your hotel.

sfa09I made a really poor food choice when in my drunken state of mind. Milkshakes are yummy, really yummy. Except I am very (and when I mean very, I mean, OMG very) lactose intolerant. Greek yogurt, totally fine with. Some cheeses, can handle it. But you give me milk, ice cream or even milkshake, you might as well just show me to the bathroom stall and leave me there.

sfa08However, this pic totally makes up for that. LOL!

I think E and I hit up at least four different Starbucks (including the first Starbuck near Pike Place Market), and another four independent coffee shop the whole weekend! Our favorites were definitely the ones on Capitol Hill:

sfa11Expresso Vivace at Brix is their flagship café in Capitol Hill! Their coffee is great and our barista was great. We didn’t want any food, just coffee since we had a hugh brunch (which I totally forgot to take photos of), but they had a great selection on hand. It was so nice to be able to sit down out of the cold and wet weather we were having.

After a little walking and shopping, we made another coffee stop:

sfa12This time, Dilettante Mocha Café & Chocolate Martini Bar. No, we didn’t get any chocolate martinis this time, but I have gone there before for happy hour! I didn’t really want an big drink so I went with the Turkish Coffee, a Persian-Spiced Cocoa with
a Double Shot of Espresso.

Burgers and Coffee. Totally living it up in Seattle!


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