Knead & Squeeze Birthday

PreBirthday-Office Celebration

It was my day yesterday! Yup, another year older and I got to wear a crown! Well, on Friday at least , when we celebrated my birthday at work!

Carmelita, one of my co-workers and coolest artist I know drew me this:


She’s been doing it for everyone in the department this year! She got my love for the UW (Go Huskies!), my obsessive need to wear boots, and my favorite desk buddies: Frogger and my Hip-Hop Hello Kitty! Isn’t this just awesome!

As for my actual birthday I tried to go shopping at the bigger mall north of my current home, but alas it was a fail. Shopping was at least. Getting a manicure, that was a win!


Love this color and the lady who did my nails was great. Plus her son was cute and nice to flirt with while my nails was drying. I had already chipped on nail earlier last week, then on Friday I broke another on the treadmill. The last straw was walking in the mall after having lunch and looking down at my nails to see a third broken nail. Ug.

I went to Beauty Nail in the Bellis Fair Mall. The mall itself is nothing like those in Seattle or Bellvue, but it is a lot better than Cascade Mall. It was only $15! Cheaper than the place I was planning on going to in Mount Vernon.


I haven’t gotten all my birthday gifts yet. Holly says she had order mine and its taking longer to arrive, but plans on dragging me down to Seattle after dropping off the children with their dad to do a little shopping and see a movie. My little sister sent me over a couple of book, V is for Vendetta DVD and the Pride and Prejudice Paper Dolls Kit. I really want to break out the scissors to play with them, but I need to keep it clean. Added it to my Jane Austen Collection! I really need to just dedicate a bookcase to collection.

Wow, it sunny today! So I’m heading out to spend some time outside and try to give shopping another go. I wonder if Kohl’s is having a good sale…


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