Its been several months…


I know. I had planned on writing more post, but life… well, pretty much boring since my birthday. Work, run (being a total gymrat lately), rest, repeat. Nothing really exciting to write about.

But that’s going to change. Hopefully.

I’ve have been posting on my Instagram (see my pic here), but I really want to start posting again. Tomorrow I’m planning to heading up to Bellingham, wander, eat, and enjoy my off-day (and by off-day, I mean, non-fitness day!) I’m trying to figure out where to go since the only place I’ve actually been to is the mall and B&N. Two: I’ve been craving some Asian food. Need to find that Asian grocery store up there. We’ve only got a Filipino grocery store here. Which is fine since I’m Filipino, but not the same.

Gymrat Awesomness

Then next week, I have a run in Seattle (Refuse to Abuse 5K), but it’s an evening run. Soooooo, I’ve got some time to play.  I’m thinking of hitting up the Southcenter Mall, Ikea, and other places in the southend. I’m staying at a hotel in Lynnwood (check in is not until 3). But the exciting thing is that there is an H-Mart in Lynnwood, and I have never been there. Ehhhhh, exciting!

And I’ve been planning more outings. Adventure!


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