Currently Working

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I’ve been working hard. Seriously. I have. It’s been slow, but I’ve got a couple of posts in the works and started brainstorming new ones!

Right now, though, totally taking a break from packing for the weekend. I’m heading to the island and Seattle. Home, to visit the parent unit for their anniversary and then off to Seattle for a 5k run in Safeco Field. Since the run is at night, well 7 pm to be exact, I’ve booked a hotel about 20 minutes north in Lynnwood.

I plan on doing a little shopping. I really need to hit up Ikea, but don’t know if I should try for Saturday or Sunday. I also would love to visit H-Mart in Lynnwood. It’s a Korean grocery store and I’ve never been there before. I wonder if they have f(x) new cd in stock. I also heard they have a great food court! Yum!

Alright, I better get back to packing. Need to get everything I need ready to go tomorrow after work and the gym. Night, all!


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