Another Fun Run, Another PR


Last weekend was the Safeco Field Refuse to Abuse 5K Fun-Run and Fundraiser Seattle. I missed out on last year since my half-marathon was scheduled for the same weekend, but I got in this year.

This is a great run especially for those fans of the Safeco Field Stadium. The route is great starting at the bottom of the parking lot next door (Free parking for participants in the 5K).  You continue around the back of the lot onto the sidewalk on the main level of the stadium.  Then uphill  to the next level inside. It was so much fun to run inside and see the place almost empty except for the runners and volunteers!


You continue on running around the next two levels and then you cross the bridge over to the upper levels of the parking garage. There you run half that level, then two circles (one inner and one outer) on the top garage floor before crossing over another bridge to the downward spiral ramp.


A quick sprint outside and back inside to the main tunnels where I think are the locker rooms are located. Wasn’t too sure since I knew the end was coming near! After the tunnel, you finally spill out onto the field and run the perimeter. It’s so cool to be out there. I was hoping for a picture of me crossing the finish line, but they only had one shot of me, and even that one, you can barley see me. Totally made me sad. Really wanted a good photo of me crossing. Oh well.


When I first got the goodie bag with my bib, t-shirt, and running tag, I thought it was a little sparse compared to other runs. But once I finished the run, got my medal and made it to the other side I found out why. Sponsors were giving out tons of goodies, treats and stuff after the finish line. I had to skip some booths because I didn’t have any way to carry it all. Hands were already overloaded.

Photo_17After downing the water and banana, it was much easier, so I went back and grab whatever goodies were left that I wanted like the Frisbee.  Bright yellow. Sweet.

In all, it was a good run and I kind of prefer the evening run compared to the night run. You saw the field and city in a whole different light!

Oh, and I ended up with a new PR:

Screen Shot 2014-07-20 at 9.41.10 AM

9:06 pace – finished in 28:11 minutes!! Boom!


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