It’s been a very busy month…

…for reals. Starting at the beginning, my very “pregnant” lil’sister came to visit and I picked her up at the train station Friday night. I had originally started on a post while waiting at a coffee shop just 10 minutes away, but they came in early. So I set it aside, and haven’t touch it since…

photo 2

At the Amtrak Station in Seattle.

Spent a wonderful weekend with my sister and family before heading back home to try to fit in all my weekend chores in just a couple of hours on Sunday. The next following weekend was spent again on the weekend participating in the Race the Reserve 10k benefiting my high school’s current senior class.

photo 4

Across the football field.

It was a good run. I ran it the same course two years ago and it was still as hard. Probably harder now since I have develop allergies. Good thing I kept some tissue paper in my pocket.

photo 2

My friends H and I finishing. It was I’s first 10k. Woo-hoo!

My mom finally closed her store for good and in-between everything else going on I was at home helping move things home. This is probably why I pulled a side muscle this weekend during another long run and now have to let it rest. Which is great, since now I have more time to catch up with my posting.

I’ve got tons more pictures and things to talk about including my one week clean eating challenge. ciao for now!


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