Winter Sephora Haul

SephoraDec02I finally used my Sephora gift card that my sister had brought me for my birthday earlier this year. Why was it so late to be use, well, my sister didn’t mail it to me before she moved and it ended up sitting in storage for most of the year before my sister and brother-in-law brought their house. Hilariously, it was packed in one of the boxes sitting in front.

While I love visiting the actual store and trying out all their goodies, you get far better samples to try at home if you order online. The only time now that I actually buy thing physically is when I’m in town and it’s an emergency. This time around I ordered my usual acne moisturizer, the SEPHORA COLLECTION Acne-Fighting Mattifying Moisturizer. I started using this earlier this year and I’m quite fond of it. I hit the gym six days a week and while I do wash my face right after I finish, I find that using this moisturizer helps control any breakouts cause from that. I’ve also notice that it helps tone down my pores on my cheeks. I have really deep pores that very noticeable (something I inherit from my mother). If you are looking for a cheap alternative: Clean and Clear Advantage Acne Control Moisturizer is also good. I have this one for when I completely space and didn’t order the Sephora one.


I also order myself some face masks by Karuna: Brightening+ Face Mask and Anti-Oxidant+ Face Mask. I haven’t tried these guys yet, but I hope they stand up to par to my Korean face masks that I buy at H-Mart. I love how face masks have become a major skin/face care trend. I really hope it never ends! I love to pamper myself with a face mask!



I also order Kat Von D Autograph Eyeliner. This is one of my favorite eyeliners. It’s thick and easy to apply with a steady hand. I like using this pot-like liner to put on a “Kat”-eye look. It has taken me a couple of month to finally get the right look and a lot of watching how-to vlogs.

Now the really fun parts: Excess amount of samples!!

SephoraDec08 SephoraDec09

So the first picture are the one I choose since I ordered over $25 (is that correct?) of products: Benefit Cosmetics It’s Potent! Eye CreamAlgenist Multi-Perfecting Pore Corrector Gel Moisturizer, and LANCÔME Visionnaire 1-Minute Blur. I haven’t tried Benefit’s eye cream yet, but I have used the Algenist and LANCOME. I like the feel of Algenist when I put it on, but it has a musky perfume scent that annoyed me. I keep smelling it all day and that’s really important to me. I can’t wear something I have to smell all day if I don’t like it. Which is also why I don’t wear a lot of perfume. I haven’t really found a scent I absolutely love.

I also tried the LANCOME Visionnaire, but I didn’t see much of a difference in my skin. I’ve used a photo finished cream before; Smashbox, which was also in my sample bag. I was really expecting that matte finish once applied, but I didn’t notice any change. It just felt like I was putting on another layer of moisturizer on.


I’ve stared on the massive little sample packets that came in the Sephora Makeup Bag. Clinque’s Stay-Matte Oil-Free Makeup and Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief I’ve used before and already know I love both and usually set aside some cash for them since they are pretty pricey. I mean just for small container (1.7oz) of the moisturizer, it’s like 38 bucks. Definitely good stuff, but pricey. I use the matte foundation in color 25 Spice and it blends quite well with my skin tone. Usually during the summer I have to go darker, so then I switch to Amber or Clove. Depending on how much sun I’ve been getting.

Most of the rest I haven’t tried yet so I’m pretty excited to see if I find something that I’m going to get in the full size. I’ll let you know soon what I think about the rest. I’ve started keeping a sharpie in the bathroom to mark the used packets with notes. Though I might end up also keeping a notebook in there.

What does everybody else think? Have any of you tried these products?  Any suggestions about which one I should try next? I’m kind of excited to use the body buttercream, but that might require me to shave my legs…



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  1. I really love your blog, your posts are all so amazing and beautiful! I just followed you, it would be great if we can support each other 🙂 I am so glad I got to discover you ❤

    1. Thanks so much! I working hard to improve my post writing and taking photos. I’m glad you like them and thanks for the follow (follow you back!)! You’ve got a great blog, too! BTW, I’m 5’2″ also! Yay! Srsy, it’s the little things that make me happy! 🙂

      1. Thank you! Oh yay, cheers for being little – we are cuter this way 😉 haha me too, well at least I try! I always used to worry about what others might think of me and now I am trying to live the way I like it and to be happy with everyone and everything!

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