My Wish List


With everything that’s going on in my life: little sister giving birth, thanksgiving, books going to press, BFF giving birth, etc. I’ve completely forgot to make my Christmas Wish List that I usually do every year. I always give it to my mom in hopes that she doesn’t buy me some horrible gifts that I have no use for and usually end up being sent off to GoodWill. Love her, but she is a horrible gift giver. This year might be a little late to send it to her. Oh, well.


I love books. I have the Kindle White that my sister brought me last Christmas, but I love having some physically books to hold and add to my growing book collection. These two (1) are some that I am looking forward to reading: Grace’s Guide: The Art of Pretending to Be a Grown-Up and Zoella’s Girl Online. I’ve heard lots of good reviews of both books and I am a total fan of both their vlogs, so I kind of feel that it’s a must to read and have.

I have a couple of small makeup bags in my closet, but since my makeup collection seems to be growing, I need to have larger traveling makeup bag. I really like the one/two-teir cases that Sonia Kashuk (2) has at Target. And since her designs are my taste, I really don’t care which pattern it comes in. Along with makeup accessories, I really need more (do I really?) makeup brushes. I saw Zoeva Rose Gold Lux Set (4) and totally fell for them. They are so pretty!! I’ve read great rave reviews of them, so I would love to have the set.

Any sort of running/workout wear is always on my list. Nike long running leggings are the best and the ones I saw on their website are so colorful! The ones I have pictures here (3) are the Epic Luxe Printed Leggings in Dusty Cactus. But I’m not too picky about my workout clothes as I am about my workout shoes. Reason #1 why new running shoes are not on my list. I much rather spend my own money buying the running shoes I love and work for me than have someone else. I also need new running headphones. Hilarious story, when I was downloading the picture for these (8) Yurbud Inspire 200 for Women from my wish list, a pop up showed up asking if I want to continue to link since someone might have already brought this as a gift for me. I’m pretty sure my sister brought them for me since it was the one item I requested from her.

Starting on my tech-y wants with iPhone cases (5). I am on another gold kick, so I really into the gold decorated cases. Headphones are another tech item I want, but I don’t really need. I have a pair of blue ones that I brought from Target for $5, but I think these Sony ZX Series Stereo Headphones (6) are super sleek. They are also noise-canceling.

One of the major tech items every blogger with an laptop needs: an external hard drive. I got a a couple of years ago and when I tried plugging it in recently only to find that it has completely died. Yeah. Not. Very. Happy. So I put the WD Passport for Mac 1TB Portable Hard Drive on my list. I’m pretty sure I can take the old one to a computer repair store and they might be able to repair it, but one, it’s over 4 years old and two, it was only like 500GB.

What’s on everyone wish list this Christmas season?

Anybody else still make a wish list for parents or is it just me? I’m pretty sure it’s just me…


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