3 Days Till Christmas: Gifts $25 and Over


Still haven’t finished your Christmas shopping yet? Panicking yet? Several co-workers of mine are in the same boat. There were some serious frazzeled people trying to work and not think about their last minute shopping that needed to be done. I’ve finished getting all the big stuff for the family and just need to get some stocking stuffers! I spend most of Saturday and part of Sunday morning to do it. Then wrapped presents for about 2 hours! I didn’t really care since it meant that I didn’t have to be out there with the massive crowds.

If you are still looking for some gifts ideas, here are a couple to consider that are $25 and over!

1) Portable Battery – I recently just got one for my iPhone 5s and it is a life saver! I am constantly on my phone either taking photos, posting on Instagram or checking my email (and playing The Simpson’s Game). So when I’m out and need a quick charge or I’ve forgotten my charging plug, my portable battery keeps it from completely draining. This one is super cute: Lily Pulitzer Mobile Charger in Multi-Hot Spot

2) For the gentelmen, how about this super chic Wild and Wolf ‘Gentelmen’s Hardware’ Flask. I just think it’s great. I’m pretty sure I’ve got a couple of girl friends who won’t mind having one too.

3) For the Beer Enthusiaist – The Wooden Beer Caddy with Bottle Opener. This a great handcrafted beer tote that they can used to carry their local favorites from the brewery or store home in class.

4) Cheese Slate – Everyone needs a serving cheese board and I love this Slate Cheese board and Knife Gift Set ($25.00). It comes with a soapstone chalk so that you can note the types of cheese or a message on the board.

5) Another goodie for book lovers: Benzara Buddha Bookend ($36.01) – Very modern looking buddhas will hold up their books in enlightened fashion.

 Just so you all know, I may have finished shopping, but I still have to go to the post office to mail my BFF’s gifts. Completely dreading that since I have to do it tomorrow during lunch or right after work. It will be a complete madhouse.


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