Bye 2014!


It’s the end of December and I thought its about time to do a quick review of the year. It’s been a good one with lots of ups and downs. The beginning of the year was pretty boring. Nothing too eventful happened. Took H to Seattle for a overnight stay and celebrate her birthday. So January went and February came with exciting news: my little sister was pregnant! We didn’t let the rest of the family know for several months because we wanted her to get past the early stages. It’s been quite exciting watching her.

In March, E, her husband and some other friends came from Hawaii for a quick trip in the area. It was so great to see them and have loads of fun in Seattle! It was a quick trip but it was then followed by more exciting news the next month: E was pregnant! What??!! My BFF and little sister were both having babies this year. Crazy.


The rest of spring and summer came and went. I ran the Whidbey Island 5K, Race the Reserve 10K and Refuse to be Abuse 5k.

Fall was pretty much the same. I ran my second half-marathon in Leavensworth. It was a gorgeous run and lovely day! Halloween came and I dressed as Alice. Ran a third half-marathon in Redmond. This time was my first trail run and sponsored by my company. All I really remember was it was cold, wet and muddy! But at least in the end, I got some yummy chocolate.

My niece was born 10 days early and now shares the birthday as my dad. She is the cutest little girl ever! I absolutely adore her. There has been a lot of traveling in the last two months to see her and my sister for the holidays. While my niece was 10 days early, E’s little girl was about 10 days late, but came on a very special date: 12-13-14.

The holidays came and went. It was a good one. That was a bit of a blur and sort of glad it’s done. However, I am excited for the new year. I have loads of plans, places to see, things to do, races to run, etc. Exciting times are ahead!

Happy New Year Everybody!


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