New Year Goals!


Happy New Year everyone! I hope you all had a fun and safe New Year’s Day. I don’t usually do anything for New Years. I spent the night before watching a bit of tv, chatting with my sister before heading to bed early. I know, I’m a bit of a party pooper, but driving in traffic to Seattle doesn’t sound appealing and there was only a small, local celebration here in town. So I pretty much spent the night rearranging my bedroom and then was in front of my computer, trying to get some work done.

This will be the second year since moving from my parents house and living on my own again, and with my student load finally paid off last year, it’s time to start on major projects and travel more.

Goal One: Start building my online freelance work. I mainly want to stick to invitation and stationary design at the moment. The ad in some brand identity and brochure design. I’m going to stick with print design, but first thing first, got to get all the software and hardware I need in order.

Goal Two: Travel more! and try to travel outside the USA. I hope to be able to travel to two places this year: San Francisco and London. A good portion of my income is going to be save toward travel. San Fran in March and hopefully London early or mid Fall.

and Goal Three: Lose this stubborn 15 lbs I’ve been having trouble losing. Every since my first half-marathon, I’ve been 15 lbs from my goal weight of 130. I’m going to rework my workout regime and meals. It’s going to be tough with all my other goals and life, but I know I can do this!

What are you goals for the new year? Do you guys have any major plans you want to accomplish in 2015?


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