Life, Loves and… Watched!


::Life:: After a long holiday break, I started working out again. It was super weird to walk into the gym since it had been almost week since I was last there. I’m completely dreading the next coming month when the gym is pack with “new year resolutionists”. It will die down in February. Getting back to actual work was good. It was a pretty mundane week workload wise. We also celebrated two birthdays. i.e.: too many treats!

::Loves:: Currently loving Sambazon Purifying Greens. If you are looking for a new green juice to try and haven’t tried Sambazon yet, do so. It’s doesn’t taste of mostly “greens” like some of the other green juice I’ve tried. So Yummy! I’m also obsessed with EOS lip balm. Best thing for my dried lips.

::Watch:: I spent New Year’s Day doing things I wanted like running 5 miles in the bitter cold, starting a “Project Life” scrapbook (got idea from Lily Pebbles, check her post and video), and going to the movies. I’ve wanted to see Into The Woods since I saw the previews but put it off until after I saw the last Hobbit. It was a good musical movie. I absolutely love Anna Kendrick and I like how they included several parts of the original stories in the movie like the shoe fitting issue with the step-sisters in Cinderella. Whoa.


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