Life, Loves and… Nights out


::LIFE:: Since revamping my workouts and cutting out dairy from my diet, I’m back to my pre-holiday weight. Yay! I’m switching my evening workouts between long runs (45 minutes to 1-hour long) and strength & cardio (30-minute strength/lifting and 20-35 minute cardio). The week was pretty quiet until the end, when some things dropped at worked after I left the office. Tomorrow is going to be interesting..

::LOVES:: Last month I started watching a lot of YouTube vloggers, specifically Vlogmas 2014. I don’t know how and where it started, but somewhere in the hours I discovered Lily Pebbles‘ videos. I love her videos! I spent most of my weekends in December catching up and now super excited when she post a new one. She is also inspired me to get back into blogging (and the possibility of vlogging).

::NIGHTS OUT:: Went out Friday with H up to Bellingham. Well, with what went down at work on Friday, it started a bit earlier at the Trainwreck. After a quick change and pee break, we heading up to the Greenfrog to see her friend’s band play. It was a great evening and I found some new (to me) local bands to listen to: Medici Brian HillmanJamie Nova Band. I really enjoyed Medici and Jamie Nova Band. Brian Hillman was good, but didn’t make me want to find out more, you know.

So guys, how was your week?


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