Life, Loves and Sick Sunday


::LIFE:: Lots of major change up happened at work and now one of my co-workers in my department has to go home to the Philippines because her mom’s in the hospital. She’s going to be gone for two weeks. I didn’t know until Friday. Then my MacBook Pro nearly blacked-out and had me in a panic. And if you read my post on Friday, you’d know it miraculously worked after a couple of hours.

::LOVES:: I’m totally loving Epicuren Discovery Lip Balm. Since it’s winter and I had my heater going, the air in my apartment tends to dry out very quickly. So do my lips. This lip balm is so nice and soothing. I typically put it on before I go to bed since my lip will crack during the night and then right after I brush my teeth in the morning. This is such a lifesaver!

::SICK SUNDAY:: I was sneezing and blowing my nose quite a bit on Saturday, but today (Sunday) I just feel so tired. And my chest feel a little bit weight down. So I’m pretty much taking a break day and trying to just spend the day in bed. I did go out a bit early and do the grocery shopping I need to get done. It wasn’t too bad, but I just felt like I need to go home and take a nap. Which I did and will probably do right after I finish this post. But I’m getting loads of things done that I was planning on doing before my computer decided that it didn’t want to work that day.


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