Instagram Foodies to Follow

150119-FoodInstagrammers-03Sometimes we all need a little help to figure out what to have for dinner or lunch. Sometimes it’s just nice to stare at other peoples’ food and drool. Here are my favorite Foodie Instagram accounts who have some of the most mouth watering dishes posted. Its a good mixtures of healthy eating & yummy desserts!

cleaneatz // Fitness and health journey inspiring you to eat healthier, workout harder, and feel good. // Calorie friendly, healthy, but yummy dishes.

feelgoodfoodie // Sharing clean “feelgood” recipes. The desserts. OMG. Just saying.

150119-FoodInstagrammers-02food52 // everything you need to eat, live better and be happier cooks. I love their baking creations, makes me wish I had a large (better) oven.

pinchofyum // Gorgeous food. Makes you drool all over you phone.

carolineadobo // Pinoy cook with these fantastic shots of food and ingredients elegantly placed.


amyspieceofcake // Indian-Swedish food blogger who loves to cook and bake! Need we say anymore!

fithealthyrecipes // She post healthy recipes on her Instagram, but also has another account where she post workouts! Very inspirational!

healthychefsteph // She showcase healthy, clean food with an active lifestyle

Those are my favorites and after writing this I’m really hungry. Any other Instagrams I should follow, I love finding new people to follow!


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