I Run on K-Pop Playlist


Yeah, I’m that girl you see at the gym with her Yurbud headphones on the treadmill performing some HIIT runs, completely zoned-out from any other person in the gym. Typically huffing & puffing while she uses the weight-machines while bobbing her head to some silent music only she can hear. But what most of my fellow gym member is that the music playing is usually K-Pop. Yeah, K-pop. The wonderful world of boy-bands and girl-groups singing and dancing in-sync wearing either the tightest pants ever or the shortest skirt possible.

Don’t judge me. I like what I like and K-Pop make me happy! Here’s my current running playlist:

  1. Fire – Mad Clown Featuring Jinsil 
  2. Sticky, Sticky – Hello Venus
  3. Bang Bang (NaDa Solo) – Wa$$up
  4. I’m Different – Hi Suhyun Featuring Bobby
  5. Stop, Stop It – Got7 (Don’t even try to understand the fashion in this one…)
  6. Good Boy – GD x Taeyang
  7. Miss Me or Diss Me – MC Mong
  8. Come Here – Masta Wu Featuring Dok2 & Bobby
  9. War of Hormone – BTS
  10. Go Crazy! – 2PM
  11. My Copycat – Orange Carmel
  12. Touch My Body – Sistar
  13. Kiss Kiss – Ladies’ Code
  14. Growl – Exo (Some of the best group dancing I’ve seen!)

Now, I don’t just listen to K-pop. I do occasionally stick in some English pop music or local alternative bands in there that I’m currently enjoying, but despite my age, I’m going to be a k-pop fan forever.


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