Current Everyday Makeup


I’m one of those crazy people who wake up super early. Like my alarm is set for 4 am. Yeah, and I go to be pretty early, too. 8:30ish early. It does take me a few minutes to actually get my butt up from my bed, but I usually ready to start my day half hour later. After drinking a nice glass of water and getting my kettle started, I wash and prep my face for makeup.

Right after I wash and pat my face dry, I moisturize with Sephora’s Acne-fighting mattifying moisturizer. I’ve notice that with this moisturizer and taking some vitamin D (twice daily // breakfast & lunch) I’ve been breaking out less and mostly hormonal. After letting that dry, I then smooth on some of Maybelline BabySkin Instant Pore Eraser. I really love this stuff. I find it similar to the more expensive stuff I was ordering.

I then apply Loreal True Match Lumi in Soft Sable. I use these BESTOPE synthetic Kabuki brush I brought during christmas from Amazon. I love these brushes. They are so nice and quite inexpensive set. I think they were only a little more then $10 for 8 brushes. Then I apply my eye-shadow using the Profusion Bare Palette (also brought during the holidays). It has a cream/tan section and then peach/pink section. I’m currently loving the peach/brown set for my eyes.

I will switch between using Rimmel Scandaleyes Kohl liner and Kat Von D Tattoo Liquid liner. It really depends on if I want a wing-look or not. After curling my lashes (they need a bit of boost) I apply Maybelline Falsies Big Eyes waterproof mascara. I’m currently experimenting with new eyebrow products and at the moment I am using E.L.F. Eyebrow kit. I like the pigment wax, but I definitely need a better brush. Any recommendations? I’ve been looking at Anastasia Brow Brush #12 or Make Up Forever 274 Double Ended Eyebrow Brush.


Then I put on some concealer under my eyes and some dark spots. I use Maybelline Fit Concealer in #30 Cafe and set everything with the Fit powder in #340 Cappuccino. Wow, I wear a lot of Maybelline, I just notice that. Usually at this point my kettle has been boiling for several minutes, so I start my tea (earl grey with a bit of almond milk). I then brush on a little Forever21 love & beauty blush in Coral. After I eat breakfast and hopefully before I leave, I then wear some lip gloss. Right now I am using NYX butter gloss in Peach Cobbler. I’m trying to wear more lip color. I’m still not use to wearing lots though. It’s a work in progress.


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