DIY Racing Medal (Swag) Display


A couple of years ago, after I got into running, I got my friend Holls into it. For the most part, she runs when she can as she also has the duty of being a single mother of three. Last year, we got another friend into running. So to help motivate her to run more and with her weight-loss journey, Holls gave her the matching medal display rack she had made for me and her.

Holls now doesn’t have any nice place to display her running swag. After a bit of research, I decided that I could easily make her one that not only she can hang her medals on, but also the running number tags they give you to track. Plus it was cheaper than ordering one.


Materials needed: plain wood plaque, paint, 2 grip clips, 2 screws that will fit them & wall hooks// Tools: paint brushes, power drill & screw driver

1. Start with a plain wood plaque. Paint with your base color. Since I wanted to use some chalkboard paint I had, I first painted it with black acyclic paint. Then added two coats of the chalkboard paint.

2. While paint is drying, print out and cut out the lettering. Font used: Impact

3. When paint is dry place homemade stencil on plaque using a little bit of tacky glue. I sprayed on some glue and let it dry until tacky. That way, it easily comes off once you are one with the initial stenciling. You can also add some detail touches like painting the edges.

4. Pull off the stencil and clean up the edges. I also gave the words another coat, but without the stencil.

5. With a your power tool, drill the holes for the grip clips about 7-8 inches apart in the middle of the plaque under the wordage. Also drill the holes for the wall hooks where you want them placed.

6. Screws all the grips and hooks in place!

And you’re done! Put a frame hoop on the back and hang in you home to show off you racing swag.


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