Own My Own Again


It’s been nearly over a year since I moved into this apartment on my own. It’s a u-shaped two bed, two bath apartment on the top floor of a residential home. The owners divided the building into four apartments with mine being the only one on the 2nd floor. It’s taken me a while to show off my place because when I first moved in, I didn’t even have a bed. I slept on my super old futon that I had since sophomore year of college.

Yes it a two-bed, two-bath apartment with a kitchen and living room, but it’s about the same size of my one-bedroom basement apartment when I lived in Seattle. And I have no actual bath tub. Yup, two bathrooms, no bath tub. I’ve gotten use to it but I do miss having a nice bubble bath.


Despite some of it many flaws, I love my apartment. Mainly ’cause it’s just me and I don’t have to share or clean up other people messes. I can sit in front of my computer trolling Instagram and eat popcorn without pants on (…too much details?).

Living alone again after living with family was a healthy move for me. I spent nearly three years living with my parents slowly growing very unhappy with my life and job. I was always finding some way to get away whether it was just spending the day shopping down in Seattle or spending hours running the trails on the island. And when I was at home, I hid in my room. I really just needed a place I called “my own.”


Since living on my own again, I had to furnish my place with new pieces after tossing out all my old furniture when I moved in with my parents. It’s been a slow process, but I’m buying pieces that I will take with me to my next place if I ever leave. I’m still looking for a dining table with chairs, an actual bed frame and more living room chairs.

I love displaying my books, cup collections and gifts I’ve gotten from friends and family. Being able to see my favorite things makes me happy and comforting. They bring out happy memories of those I love or places I’ve been.

150130_OnMyOwn_04My couch was given to me by a co-worker whose husband got it from an estate sale. It has some great bones but the fabric is quite old lady-ish. While I work on it, I’m covering up the pastel flora design with a Cynthia Rowley Wood Textured blanket I got from TJ Maxx. I hung several photos and painting I’ve done on the walls to give the place more personal touch and have a photo collage in the works for a blank wall in my bedroom.


I know someday I have to move, but I’m making this place a home and giving every inch a personal touch.

Thanks to Urban Compass for giving me to the push to write about living on my own again and asking to share my story as of their new project called Starter Stories. They’re a real estate platform in New York that is connecting individuals with the neighborhoods, apartments & homes that best fit their personality.


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  1. Cute setup 🙂 you’ll get more furniture in no time! I moved into my first place on my own in October and it would be hard to go back.

    1. Thanks! I know how you feel. After leaving the parent’s house the 2nd time, it will have to be a hell of a mess for me to go back. I’ll visit them but I always look forward to coming back to my own.

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