Island Bound Haul

150202_HBHaul_01I went to the parental’s this weekend to help out with my mom with some computer stuff. Just the typical she can log into her account online, hook-up the printer, the tv isn’t working, can I plug in the DVD player in the correct spot kind of weekend.

So before I headed off for the weekend, I decided that some pre-travel shopping was needed. I hit up Target to get some every day items and ended up leaving with a single serving coffee maker by Bella. They only had a two colors left: purple and teal. I had been thinking of getting a coffee maker/hot water but didn’t want to purchase large one since I don’t have much counter space. This little guy sits easily between my sink and cooking utensil bins. Then wandering over to Burlington Coat Factory, I was hoping to find jewelry to tempt me, but they were having a massive clearance on their clothing. I did find a couple of things I liked, but I did hold back. Only brought me some new jeans: Sold Design Lab Distressed Super Skinny Jeans.


I definitely just needed to get a new white t-shirt to replace the one I spilled coffee all down the front. And no matter how much I washed it, the stain won’t come. Cheap, soft white t-shirt from Old Navy is a great buy! And while I was there I couldn’t help myself, I also brought myself some new rings. It was a mix set of midi and regular rings. Finally jumping on the midi bandwagon.

My one disappointment (which I should have known to to purchase) was the lip crayon. It looks like a nice color, however, the formula was awful! It was like those Bonnebell chapesticks you used to get back in the 90’s and it gave no color to my lips. That was tossed aside to my fail pile.


My most excited purchase was when I made my way into Ross. Usually I only buy household items like cooking pan and side tables there. However, since I wasn’t really in the mood to start the long trek to the island just yet, I moseyed around the aisle looking at everything. And there hanging on the boot rack were these Nine West Suede Knee-High Boots. And at only about $8, I had to get them.

I know this post is a bit later in the day than usual, but I wanted to relax my Sunday afternoon and didn’t have time this morning since I woke up late. But tomorrow, things should be back to usual.

So, what did you guys do this weekend? Find any good deals?


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  1. That coffee maker is adorable!!! Way cuter than my clunky Keurig. I can’t believe the deal you got on those shoes – shopping is so much cheaper in the states than in Canada! Which island were you headed to? My weekend has been mellow – lazing about my place, running errands and hanging out with friends. No shopping for me, unfortunately!!!

    1. I totally hesitated for a really long time staring at it. I couldn’t decide if I should get it or save for a Keurig, but so happy I got this one. Totally luv it, been using it everyday to make coffee and tea! I was heading to Whidbey Island… no where too exciting. At least not for me.

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