Life, Loves and Working Overtime

IMG_1333::LIFE:: I missed out on writing this weekly update life post last weekend since I went home to visit my parents and help with some computer issues. You haven’t missed much. Been mostly working and hitting the gym. Feel like I’m neglecting things and have tons of stuff I really need to get a start on like my taxes and next weeks post. Sunday is going to be a busy “off” day for me!

::LOVES:: Since changing my work schedule so that I’m at the office longer on Fridays, I’ve been able to get an early morning run in. Typically around 30-40 minutes, but it’s been such a struggle to my butt up on time. So I’m completely in love with my new coffee/tea maker I got over the weekend (see haul post here). I have it set up and ready with water so that once I stumble out of my room, I can plug it in! Coffee and a small pre-workout breakfast of oatmeal and a quarter of an apple, and I am ready to hit the treadmill.

::WORKING OVERTIME:: Currently our department is down to only five artist and our big boss has spiked one of newest books. What I mean spike, I mean he has selected a number of advertisers in another local book and is giving them free advertisement in our book. But with only a few of us working on the “spikes” and the paid clients, we were okayed for overtime this week. So I’ve been pushing up to 9+ hour days and plan on coming in tomorrow. Doing it all for the money. Gotta earn that cash for London. Seriously, I’m going to London this year. Gotta keep that mind set!

PS… Did anyone else see the Superbowl / Seattle comment on the Simpson’s game? Hilarious, but wished we did win!


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