120211_Rocksbox_01It’s been a long time since I had a monthy subscription. I had at one time been on StyleMint, Popsugar, My Little Black Bag (or was it box) before they merged with Pose, and several others. I slowly closed those accounts when I move out of parentals to help save a bit of money and for one, MintStyle, I was increasing uninteresting in the styles offered. Best time to get rid of something you don’t need to have.

But I decided to give Rocksbox a try. It’s a little different than the typical subscription box. It’s more of a rental box. For jewelry.


So I signed up at the beginning of the month. The montly fee is $19 but I had a ‘new member’ code and got my first month for free. After answering an array of question on their style survey and adding items to your jewelry wish list. Then a stylist picks out jewelry for you based on your style and likes. It took about 5 days from my order date to arrive (Saturday) but I don’t check my mail very often and didn’t know until Monday night. Woo!

According to the personalized information card, I was sent the Slate Spectrum Necklace, Gorjana Esme Cutout Studs, and Marget Elizabeth Teardrop Bangle in Black Druzy. Evern with member prices, the most expensive was the bangle at $70.


I really like the necklace. it’s so pretty and shiny. I used to wear a lot of statement necklaces. Then I stopped, but I have returned. The earring’s are really nice. I absolutely love Gorjana. I have a leather wrap bracelet from the same brand that I love wearing. The one piece I really didn’t like was the bangle. I don’t know, they just didn’t give me the same feeling like the other did. I don’t plan of wearing that one.


Oh, did I mention that if you like a piece you can buy it. Yeah, highly considering buying the necklace. What ya think?

Then after you are done wearing them, you send the ones you don’t want back in the handy parcel and prepaid mailing label. I love this idea of trying out jewelry and discovering new brands / designer. I don’t have a lot of places locally that sell this quality jewelry in styles I would coveted.


I’m going to keep these pieces for a while before I send them back. Still thinking about purchasing the necklace. But then again, I wonder what pieces will be sent in my next Rocksbox?!


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