Life, Loves and… Watching British Documentaries


How was everyone’s week? Hopefully far more interesting than mine…

::LIFE:: Another week of overtime at the company so I’m a extremely tired and a cannot wait to spend today just lazing around town and at home. My life this week has been pretty much this: wake up, run 30-40 minutes, shower & dress, work, lunch, more work, gym, and finally home. And we worked again yesterday, but at least we’ve finally caught up! Because most of us were single and didn’t have dates for Valentine’s Day, we had dinner & drinks at the Trainwreak. It wasn’t very busy, but there was a lot of couples. And I am pretty sure that the couple next to us didn’t find our conversation very amusing. We may be 30 and older, but we still talked like perverted 16-year-old boys and make poop jokes. That and we were telling stories about when we worked at restaurants and the horrors that happen. For those of you who have never work that kind of job, thank the stars.

::LOVES:: As you know, for two weeks in a row, my department worked on Saturday! And our big boss was super kind by buying us lunch the first Saturday, and then yesterday, we were like, let’s order from then again (with our own money this time). We got some really great Mexican from COA Mexican Eatery in Mount Vernon. My manager and I order (both times) the Burrito Loco. The thing is huge! We both could only get half-way through it. Going to have the rest for lunch today. Oh, so good.

::BRITISH DOCUMENTARIES:: The time I did get before going to bed every night this last week has been devoted to watching some PBS documentaries based on Britain. I watched The Secrets of Britain and The Secrets of the Manor House Series. If you are obsessed with British history & architecture as much as I do, you will love these series. I only wish is that they produce more. Each series only has 5 episodes at only a hour long. I Want More! Also, it is completely fueling my desire to visit London! Today I need to catch up with some vlogs, but I plan on starting PBS’ Queen & Country. Looks so interesting!


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  1. Whoa! It sounds like you have a pretty solid gym routine down – wish I had your determination. 😉 Glad you had a fun week!

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