40-Minute Interval Treadmill Run

picjumbo.com_HNCK2304Yesterday a co-worker asked if I lost some weight, which surprised me since the scale hasn’t moved much since last week. I guess reworking my fitness routine is helping a lot. I really also need to rework my meals, but that requires a little more thought and research. I have, though, stopped eating dairy. And I love dairy: Greek yogurt and cheese are the ones I miss the most.

Since switching my schedule, I’ve been able to get a good 30-40 minutes runs at the gym first thing in the morning. I cannot wait for spring so that I can start running outside without worrying about every dark corner in my neighborhood. Where I live does not have a lot of lighted areas and there are a hell of a lot of dark patches of trees and bush. Meanwhile, I can use my gym’s treadmills and hike the incline 1.0 to mimic the stress of running outside.

I currently switch between one day of a steady pace run and one day of a HIIT run. Most days, I love doing HIIT runs. The constant switch between speeds keeps my mind busy and makes a 40 minutes at the gym go by quickly. One of my favorites is one I found in magazine years ago. I still remember it since I’ve done it so many times, which is great since I’ve also tossed that magazine. If you are looking to change up your running or looking for one that’s good to start running with, give this one a try:150218_40MinIntervalRun_02


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  1. Nice ! I enjoy treadmill workouts as well! Lately I have been doing 1- 4 minute walk, 20 minutes run and then 15 minutes of 20 seconds of sprinting and 20 seconds of rest, and then finish up with a mile run and then a 4 minute cool down! Has me sweating a river and feeling great by the end of it.

    1. Thanks! There are some treadmills at my gym that I like to use for walking workout since they have a higher and lower incline than the regular ones do! You have a great blog too! I saw some recipes I want to make you had on there! Awesome!

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