Crazy for a Long Red Flannel

150219_RedFlannelSearch_01One of my favorite K-pop girl groups just came out with a new mini-album and music video which totally reminds me very much of the 90s. Not the song (the song is awesome, BTW!), but the clothes! I’m not much of a fan of the bucket hats they are wearing on the video (I confess, I did have one back in the day), but the rest are absolutely my style. Especially their stage performance outfits I’ve seen on several of the major Korean network channels. Recently I caught a video on YouTube of them rehearsing their song ‘Cut It Out’ and Sohyun was wear a long red flannel which I am now feverishly looking for!

150219_RedFlannelSearch_02I think it’s by Dxpechef and really would love to get a hold of one. I think what I like the most about it are the is that it’s quite long and the white details like the ‘x’ at the elbows. I couldn’t find this exact one when I did a google search for it. I did find one pretty similar to it on

150219_RedFlannelSearch_03However, I don’t think I’ll be able to rationalize dropping 62 bucks for a flannel shirt. Think I’ll wait until I find it somewhere cheaper.


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